Monday, June 27, 2011

I Can't Tell You Why

There are times when you want to rewind
Bring back happier times
Wishing everything would fade away
Wishing things weren't what they are today
And then it all just hits you
Knocks you right off your feet
And you can't stop crying
And you don't feel like trying
You don't even know where the pain came from
All you know is you want don't want it to stay
But the tears just keep rolling down your face
Swollen cheeks and a tender gaze
It's all I have left to say
I thought I had everything figured out
But I guess I was wrong, here comes doubt
Wondering why the pain comes now
Where did the girl with the smile go?
Tears keep coming and I don't know why
I can't even tell you why I cry
I can't tell you why

A Chaos of Questions

It's darkness that I can't comprehend
Whether it's an enemy or a friend
When all is calm inside myself
Why does the world attack itself?
Why is shouting necessary?
Why can't there be harmony?
It echoes through my mind like a steel drum

The way is simple, tried and true
Why doesn't it work for you?
Why do I ache for another embrace
When I know it's still my face?
My ears cry out in agony
Can you do anything but scream?
Is it possible to see my side?
You look discouraged, but you haven't tried
And the silence in my mind comes alive

All these questions go unanswered
But somehow I already know the truth
Desire creates desire
And I harbor mine for peace
Intoxicated by the spirit
Drenched in her everlasting breath
But just out of her reach

Don't Forget

A prayer unanswered is still an answered prayer
A cutting rejection is still accepting fate
A wandering mind is not always confused
A precise decision can sometimes be too late

A minute can be longer than an hour
A year can be over in a day
I ask you to stop and smell the flowers
But one glance and it all slips away

Don't forget you're microscopic
Don't forget that you're a giant
Don't forget to practice morals
Don't forget to be defiant

Tattered rags can be fit for a king
If he was worthy enough to wear them
A quarter can be a million dollars
A skipping rock can be such a gem

Don't forget that you're not perfect
Don't forget to change everything
Don't forget to wash away worries
Don't forget to dance and sing

A silent smile or warm embrace
Can drown out ugliness and fears
A flighty woman or awkard son
Will still be wise over the years

Don't forget that we're a story
Don't forget to tell it right
Don't forget to fall sometimes
Don't forget to stand and fight

I'm Passing By

I'm just passing by
Breathing in temporary air
I'm just resting for a minute
Clearing my head of mundane fears
I'm basking in this glory
This beautiful heavenly home
Waiting for my time to come
Waiting for time to be undone
I'm just passing by 
I'm just passing by with light
Like the bird flying over the horizon
Or the silence that echoes in the still of night
And greets the dawning sun with dew
As dreams ruffle feathers across the globe
And we wake with a yawn to start anew
I'm just passing by with care
Leaping with ecstacy in the melting moments
Breathing in and out this bittersweet air
As it turns my soul into one of pure peace
Fills my loving heart with warmth
And caresses my skin with a gentle breeze

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Become the Person You Want to Be


When I saw this quote today, it was as if my angels were slapping me in the face with an answer to a question. The question being, who am I?

Now, how many of us have pondered this question from time to time? In times of stress, confusion, or sorrow, we have asked ourselves this question. We have stood in the mirror of time and stared blankly into our minds, trying to find a taste of what it really means to be... me! But the truth is, we change... not from week to week, not even hour to hour. We change from moment to moment. It can happen all at once or gradually over time. The only truth to it is very simple. We will always keep changing.

So, what a waste of time we have spent! Some people quit their jobs to try and "find themselves" or start/end relationships with people. Many of us have pined over self help books or talked to a therapist to discover that hidden root where who we are will finally make sense. We will finally have all the answers about ourselves. And why shouldn't we? It's us for crying out loud. Why does it seem so difficult to understand OURSELVES??

Now we have the answers folks. Stop worrying about who you are, and take every moment as a special oppotunity to become more and more of the person that you have always dreamed you could be. Whether that be pursuing a career, a marriage and kids, hiking through the mountains, or floating down the stream of life and greeting whatever comes your way with a smile, be the essence of your own greatness. Don't worry about who you are. You are special! You have every moment, every breath, every blink of your eye to make your world exactly the way you want it. So go get it!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Words to Live By

Every blade of grass has its ANGEL that bends over it and whispers, 'GROW, GROW.'  --The Talmud

"Worry never robs tomorrow of it's sorrow; it only saps today of it's strength" -- A.J. Cronin

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself." -- Harvey Fierstein

"If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all." -- Noam Chomsky

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time." --Sir John Lubbock

"I've been rather awed by the magic that Spirit choreographs... when I do more listening than talking...
more feeling than thinking...
more being than doing...
and more allowing than controlling...
--Carl Landsness

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Kitten Came Home...

A couple days ago, one of the strays that my grandparent's feed brought home a tiny tot in his mouth. This cat was notorious for killing kittens (possibly accidental, possibly territorial) so we quickly scooped up the kitten and brought him inside. He couldn't have been more than five weeks, but I'm estimating.  He didn't cry, didn't scratch, didn't try to run away; he just shook... He could not stop shaking. It was as if he had been abducted and taken to another planet! Perhaps that is his reality, because I think he was born a stray. We live in the backwoods behind a pond, and there are a ton of stray cats that live in the woods and throughout the neighborhood. It's really difficult to figure out where the poor baby came from. He has definitely been traumatized and misses his family.

For the first day/night, all he did was hide. He would not come out; he would not eat. I've taken care of kittens before, bottle fed some and others I had the mama there; but this was the first that would not eat. He slept under my bed in the corner of the room the first night, and finally started to cry. He cried on and off all night. I had gotten him to eat some by that point, not enough, but I think the cries were more out of loneliness and fear.

The next day, I decided to socialize him. I scooped him up in a blanket that he could "hide" in, and it became his security and comfort. I sat and watched a movie with my grandmother and he slept on my lap inside his blanky. Since then, he has slept in the bed with me all night, still crying every now and then, and eating a little more each day. He adores me know, we have grown a strong bond in a short time. I'm just still concerned about his eating habits.

The Master Mind Parter's Prayer

Someone posted this on Spiritual Forums, and I just had to share this, as this prayer/mantra will stick with me for good I believe! :)

I am the place where God shines through, for that God and I are one, not two. He wants me where and as I am. I will not fret, nor will, nor plan, and if I am relaxed and free, God will work his purpose out through me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

3 Great Tips to Relieve Stress

These are my tried and true tips for helping to relieve some stress. I get massive headaches and physical illnesses from stress, so it's very important to me to find ways to cope with even the trivial daily stresses that life blesses us with :)

1. Nature is healing. Even to just sit in the grass and play with whatever is there, blades of glass, pinecones, rocks, just feeling them on your fingertips, feeling the sun's love shining down, and feeling the gentle breezes washing everything away, brings you to a calmer state of mind.

2. Remember a time when you were not stressed. One of my favorite truths about the universe is that everything is temporary. Everything comes and goes, rises, then comes to pass. What is stressful now won't seem so stressful later. Think back to a time where you felt less stressed. Remember that you will feel like that again. Just like a toothache, the pain eventually goes away. Learning to appreciate the "not stressful" times will make it easier to cope when stress creeps up.

3. Breathe. Decide that nothing is more important at the moment than breathing. Many people will say "I'm too busy to even stop and breathe!" Well, if you think there is something more important than breathing right now, stop breathing for a minute and see if you like that alternative. Remember to appreciate the in and out of the breath is a great calming technique. It helps you to be grateful for the present moment, even if that moment happens to be filled with worries and anxieties.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Spiritual Journey

There's pages I have left to write
But I can't tell you those tonight
I won't stop til it comes true
There's still writing left to do

When the clouds begin to part

And light shines through to broken hearts
When silent peace brings us to tears
We'll feel what we have missed for years

I won't know until you do
I won't know til it comes true
The pages stare right back at me
Blank with impatient agony

But I don't hold it in my hands
I don't remember any plans
I'm as blind as those that see
Ignorance is so lucky

Because once you start you cannot quit
And with this pen in my hand I sit
Awaiting what is next to write
In this journey through the night

If I hadn't turned the page
If I'd left the book where it laid
I wouldn't have found the emptiness
I wouldn't have found the inner bliss

The empty pages told a story
I knew if I declined I would be sorry
The book was open, here I go
But what to write, I did not know

And so, there's pages left to write
But I can't tell you those tonight
I would share them if I knew
But your pages are up to you!