Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Spiritual Journey

There's pages I have left to write
But I can't tell you those tonight
I won't stop til it comes true
There's still writing left to do

When the clouds begin to part

And light shines through to broken hearts
When silent peace brings us to tears
We'll feel what we have missed for years

I won't know until you do
I won't know til it comes true
The pages stare right back at me
Blank with impatient agony

But I don't hold it in my hands
I don't remember any plans
I'm as blind as those that see
Ignorance is so lucky

Because once you start you cannot quit
And with this pen in my hand I sit
Awaiting what is next to write
In this journey through the night

If I hadn't turned the page
If I'd left the book where it laid
I wouldn't have found the emptiness
I wouldn't have found the inner bliss

The empty pages told a story
I knew if I declined I would be sorry
The book was open, here I go
But what to write, I did not know

And so, there's pages left to write
But I can't tell you those tonight
I would share them if I knew
But your pages are up to you!

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