Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Roles of Illusion

We all play our little roles
As individuals, as a whole
We all attempt to be the best
But we're not different from the rest
With our arms closed, we cannot give
And without that love, we cannot live
Approach the winds with fists wide open
Only then will the Spirit have spoken
We are victims as much as we are thieves
In this web of illusion we weave
See the angels in your enemy
And face the demons in your tragedy
Broaden your mind to accept the night
Only knowing darkness will show you light
We all play our little parts
It's been this way right from the start
Learn your lessons through life's cruel eyes
And you'll see her beauty is nothing to despise
God's your teacher, He does not hate
Look in the mirror and you'll see His fate
Humble hearts will see through flesh
And feast their souls on the true Spirit
It binds us together with unity
But these roles we play refuse to see
So rise above your circumstance
And for once give love and peace a chance