Monday, July 30, 2012


Cars are passing by my mirror
In the blink of an eye, they come and go
And I sit idle watching the scene unfold
Like chapters of my life.

Some lie in my heart immortal
Some over time begin to melt into my mind
And we cannot pick the ones that fly
And we'll never choose the ones that linger

It all unfolds,
and twists,
and bends,
It sways with the monkies
It soars with the eagles
Crashing down around
Striking from the core

These moments and scenes,
And cars and dreams,
Continue their journey
Because deep inside there is a drive
It moves me to the next
Forever to stay alive

So grabbing my picnic basket
I'll lay down a treasured feast
Kick back and watch each car
As it passes by, reflecting my beauty,
My wisdom,
My strength,
Letting each car race by with its own agenda
Letting it come and go,
Letting it float and flow,
and never forgetting to

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Golden Thread

Something penetrates my heart
Something dark and burning
Dust off the ashes to reveal a golden thread
From deep within my center
There is no pain, only freedom
And a longing for discovery
Of where this thread will lead me
The gold would shimmer so brightly to blind
But it is invisible to my two eyes
And what will lie ahead
I cannot imagine
But I am determined to find where this thread does go

I watch for the winds to carry me along
And listen to the birds chirping in the trees
Because Nature guarentees
I will not be lost
This thread is meant to take me far
And I will not be lost
With my bare feet I follow forward
Going where this gold will lead
On my bare feet I travel
And travel until I reach the end

The closer I come I hear music
It throws me into a trance
And the further I go the louder the melody
Til it vibrates the string emanating from my core
And I still have no prediction
To where I am being lead
But with royal faith I am pulled
This journey will not end in fear

Closer and closer and further I travel
And the music is no longer surrounding
But pushing me from the inside
And the angels have arrived
For I suddenly see a familiar face up ahead

And it is you, smiling the song that is resting in my heart
And on your bare feet you stand before me
A hand lain tenderly across your chest
Protecting something
A delighted giggle escapes past my two lips
As my golden thread has found its end
Resting beneath your hand

The angels sing our song
And the music travels up and down the thread
Vibrating and tingling
It's woven in such a fashion that it cannot be bent
Soldiers may have fallen and maidens left to distress
But the King and Queen are alive
And we've completed our quest

I kept my heart open for so long
So the thread could work its magic
And your eyes tell me the story
That's buried beyond all the fabric
This single thread a part of it
It speaks a golden truth
It holds the memories of two lover's souls
So each lifetime I may find you