Monday, June 27, 2011

A Chaos of Questions

It's darkness that I can't comprehend
Whether it's an enemy or a friend
When all is calm inside myself
Why does the world attack itself?
Why is shouting necessary?
Why can't there be harmony?
It echoes through my mind like a steel drum

The way is simple, tried and true
Why doesn't it work for you?
Why do I ache for another embrace
When I know it's still my face?
My ears cry out in agony
Can you do anything but scream?
Is it possible to see my side?
You look discouraged, but you haven't tried
And the silence in my mind comes alive

All these questions go unanswered
But somehow I already know the truth
Desire creates desire
And I harbor mine for peace
Intoxicated by the spirit
Drenched in her everlasting breath
But just out of her reach

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