Thursday, June 23, 2011

Become the Person You Want to Be


When I saw this quote today, it was as if my angels were slapping me in the face with an answer to a question. The question being, who am I?

Now, how many of us have pondered this question from time to time? In times of stress, confusion, or sorrow, we have asked ourselves this question. We have stood in the mirror of time and stared blankly into our minds, trying to find a taste of what it really means to be... me! But the truth is, we change... not from week to week, not even hour to hour. We change from moment to moment. It can happen all at once or gradually over time. The only truth to it is very simple. We will always keep changing.

So, what a waste of time we have spent! Some people quit their jobs to try and "find themselves" or start/end relationships with people. Many of us have pined over self help books or talked to a therapist to discover that hidden root where who we are will finally make sense. We will finally have all the answers about ourselves. And why shouldn't we? It's us for crying out loud. Why does it seem so difficult to understand OURSELVES??

Now we have the answers folks. Stop worrying about who you are, and take every moment as a special oppotunity to become more and more of the person that you have always dreamed you could be. Whether that be pursuing a career, a marriage and kids, hiking through the mountains, or floating down the stream of life and greeting whatever comes your way with a smile, be the essence of your own greatness. Don't worry about who you are. You are special! You have every moment, every breath, every blink of your eye to make your world exactly the way you want it. So go get it!!

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