Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm Passing By

I'm just passing by
Breathing in temporary air
I'm just resting for a minute
Clearing my head of mundane fears
I'm basking in this glory
This beautiful heavenly home
Waiting for my time to come
Waiting for time to be undone
I'm just passing by 
I'm just passing by with light
Like the bird flying over the horizon
Or the silence that echoes in the still of night
And greets the dawning sun with dew
As dreams ruffle feathers across the globe
And we wake with a yawn to start anew
I'm just passing by with care
Leaping with ecstacy in the melting moments
Breathing in and out this bittersweet air
As it turns my soul into one of pure peace
Fills my loving heart with warmth
And caresses my skin with a gentle breeze

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