Monday, June 27, 2011

Don't Forget

A prayer unanswered is still an answered prayer
A cutting rejection is still accepting fate
A wandering mind is not always confused
A precise decision can sometimes be too late

A minute can be longer than an hour
A year can be over in a day
I ask you to stop and smell the flowers
But one glance and it all slips away

Don't forget you're microscopic
Don't forget that you're a giant
Don't forget to practice morals
Don't forget to be defiant

Tattered rags can be fit for a king
If he was worthy enough to wear them
A quarter can be a million dollars
A skipping rock can be such a gem

Don't forget that you're not perfect
Don't forget to change everything
Don't forget to wash away worries
Don't forget to dance and sing

A silent smile or warm embrace
Can drown out ugliness and fears
A flighty woman or awkard son
Will still be wise over the years

Don't forget that we're a story
Don't forget to tell it right
Don't forget to fall sometimes
Don't forget to stand and fight

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