Monday, August 1, 2011

POEM- You Remind Me

You remind me of a warm summer's night
Sitting on a log in front of a roaring fire
Dirty sweatshirt, my hands in the pockets
And ashes blowing through the air
Find me, getting caught in my static hair

You remind me of the cool ocean breeze
Watching the waves crashing violently
But softening the shore with peace
With my toes drenched in the wet sand
Dancing under moonlight hand in hand

You remind me of a child's laugh
When they're playing in the grass
Knowing innocence always lasts
Something about their smile
Something I haven't seen in a while

You remind me of the perfect song
Echoing through all of my vibrations
Filling me with a magical essence
Even in dreams you sing it loud
As you dance among the clouds

You remind me of a golden world
Where love abounds and welcomes you home
Colors and aromas of a transcendence
And there's no paradox for paradise
Power's held in the kind and wise

You remind me of hope and faith
I hold one of each in both my hands
But who you are I have forgotten
You have no name and no face
And still you remind me, amazing grace

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