Monday, August 15, 2011

Poem: It Is

It's in an itch that you've forgotten how to scratch
It's in the dark only when you can't seem to find a match
It's in the rich that live in poverty
Sometimes the price you pay is the act of being wealthy
It's in the hearts of all our shadowed thoughts
It's not in our schools because it can never be taught
It's in the place of evil where the spirit sings a song
So eerie and enchanting you'll start to sing along
It's in the juiciest bite of an invigorating pear
When it comes from Mother Nature, you're breathing in her air
It's in the attics of our lives where secrets fall asleep in dust
It's whispering your name through the wind with all its gust
It's in your mosques, churches, sanghas, chakras, temples
Doesn't matter where you are, the message is rather simple
It's in all living creatures, the spirits and the dead
We're different individuals sewn together with golden thread
It's there in the calm nights on the salty seas
And in the tornadoes, hurricanes and all of travesty
It's a slap across a youthful creamy face
It's a homesick lonely soldier's welcome home embrace
It's in the texture of colors that you have never seen
It's in the prickly nests of hallowed out oak trees
It's dead, long gone, forgotten and deceased
But it's come alive, it lives inside, lives in you, lives in me

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