Monday, August 8, 2011

I Got a Case of the Grateful Mondays!! :)

I love this ease of mind
The way I just unwind
Driving with the windows down
Cherishing this peace I've found

So much to be grateful for
Opportunities knocking on the door
With every passing moment
Just drinking in this life

I feel like I'm top of the world today. Nothing could go wrong or knock me down. I'm always super nervous before job interviews, but today, even despite my chaotic morning beforehand, I felt so much at ease. I felt like I already had the job, that it didn't matter if I got it or not anyway, because just driving down the road, feeling the breeze whip me in the face, watching all the trees I passed smiling back at me, nothing else really mattered at the moment. And I keep finding all of these simple little moments to cherish. I keep feeling that each moment that carries me into the next one is absolutely.... zen! :)

I really do feel like I am right where I am supposed to be, and I'm not trying to control any of it anymore, I'm not trying to be in the driver's seat. I'm perfectly content on the passenger's side, just enjoying this wonderful ride of ups and downs.

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