Monday, August 1, 2011

This is a Gift

Loving that I am over this ear infection and I can listen to music again :) what a blessing a non-earache could be. I have to remember that always, because this life is a gift! Florence & the Machine know what I'm talking about, great poetry and lyrics, Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)

This is a gift
It comes with a price
Who is the lamb
And who is the knife?
Midas is king
And he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold
In the sunlight
This is a gift

And I'll share some of my own for today as I feel lots of love and happiness today :) Just grateful for everything. I'm not looking to the past today, nor am I looking forward. I'm pretty happy just being here, right now. That's something to be happy about all by itself 8-)
I call it, Singing Happy Surrender, lol

Singing in the wishing well
Filling it with lovely dreams
You are thinking you know better
But everything is as it seems

Happiness will never leave you
She stays with you through your tears
Choose to let her guide your heart
And chase away unpleasant fears

Surrendering to all tonight
Guide me to my sacred place
Allow my mind to fill with light
And angels kiss upon my face

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