Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am peace.
I am a rainbow of hope
Valiant and forever freeing
Liberating notions of ignorance
And concepts of jealousy
Destined for greatness
In a vast sea of beauty
In the depths of a spiritual upliftment
Where dominos rise up one by one
And side by side

I am light.
I am a shadow that's run its course
Brushing soot and ash off my shimmering coat
My inner flame burning hotter everyday
Through desolate lands I have wandered
A desert full of mirages and mirrors
Only to be drowned out by a penetrating river
Washing over me with rays from the sun

I am a poet.
I am my world of thoughts and words
Stifling negative vibrations
Sending out harmonious rhythms
Creating a universe out of song
Crowning our heroes and mending our foes
As we unite the separation through our expanding energy

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