Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A World Spun Upside Down

A chill stirs among the blackened trees
As their colors change when night appears
But the spirits warmth is glowing from within
I can feel her energy coarsing through my skin
How the wind whips around me as my head's held up high
Nothing can make me fear if I have faith to touch the sky
A distortion of elements fills the darkned air
Fragments of memories dancing everywhere
Forgotten lullabies sung by the starlights
Blanket their children with a twinkle by midnight

I soon hear the voices that echo with no sound
It's easier to accept when the world's spun upside down
It's raining clouds and catastrophy; the pictures are all wet
We run away and try to hide, please tell me where you went
Dazzled by strangers in a room set like a show
They try to pick at my brain, what they want I do not know
Questions left unanswered, such a subconscious design
Trusting shadows that I fear for they too are One Divine

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