Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Friend, written today by me :)

I walk down the hall but the hallway doesn’t end
I try to catch up to my disappearing friend
Running through this maze, it fills my mind with worry
Knowing I’ll one day wake up from this enchanting story
Screaming only helps the battle within oneself to stall
Speech is simply useless unless it’s for the good of all
A silent breath to gain composure, gently take it in
It echoes louder than my screams to help me find my friend
In this darkness she will be my ever illuminating light
But she is still disappearing no matter how hard I fight
Attempting to reach her only pushes her far away
She wants me to surrender, but I just want her to stay
I try to let go of my fears and surround myself with love
It only takes a second and a door opens up above
I climb through the opening and stand before a mirror
And now I see my friend again, it’s never been any clearer
She waves to me from the other side, showing me she cares
I only caught a glimpse but now I know she’s always there

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