Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Conglomeration of Haikus :)

You are beautiful
Green grass tickling my toes
And your button nose

This is what I see
Mirrors staring back at me
Everyone I meet

Reckless abandon
Fade into my darkness love
Such sweet surrender

Earth's only spirit
Spinning wild, spinning freely
Spinning into be

Butterflies are free
Always flying with the wind
Soaring merrily

Mistaken for sweet
Convoluted chaos source
Mystery unravel

Bitten off too much
Twirling down the rabbit hole
Face to face I see

My darkness empowers
Through its fog, I see your face
Alive but not free

Solace you endow
Leaking in my deepest thoughts
A striking light force

Beautifully forgotten
Alone but not yet fragile
Fill her heart with hope

Chaos whispers in my ear
The mystery's me

Embrace the warm air
Let it settle around me
And help me to dream

The waves crash on shore
Beginning again anew
Becoming water

The light is rising
Dawn brings forth the sun again
And we are all one

Breathing spirit into mind
I'm awakening

I am the flower
Growing up from the Earth's dirt
Sparkling in the sun

Patience is painful
Bittersweet and virtuous
It is worth the wait

Invisible man,
Break down the walls that bind you
Come, let me find you

Rivers to walk on
Or perhaps mountains to move
Ordinary life

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