Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Trick is to Surrender to the Flow

My first post to this wonderful blog I am creating will help you get an idea of the inspiration to my name and title, surrender to the flow. The name comes from an amazing song by Phish, called Lizards. This song is also the inspiration for the title of my spiritual book called The Happy Friendly Book, in the song they mention The Helping Friendly Book. I made this book by composing a great number of spiritual and peace filled quotes with and pictures of many of the great spiritual teaches, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, etc...

Since I don't have the finances right now to print even one copy of this great compilation, I decided to create this blog to share the pieces of this book, and continue adding to it, so it is everlasting and full of not just my favorite spiritual quotes, but full of my spiritual thoughts and crazy randomness that makes me human :)

Please enjoy your stay here, and let the love and light shine through for you in the way that is right in your heart.

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