Monday, April 18, 2011

Smile! Everything is the Way it Should Be :)

I really love cats.... and Buddha :)
I just thought this was something that would make everyone smile! It always makes me smile. 
Today I am pondering a lot about peace in the world, rather, the lack thereof. So many disturbances in the universe lately, has me uneasy. I'm trying my hardest to stay positive and open to the light, but it feels like I've been going on and on forever, and I'm growing impatient!

I really believe that after Ascension, whether I am able to reach the higher dimensions or not, there will be less television sets and more peace :) What a wonderful world that will be to experience! Today I am really trying to focus on taking every step with a breath of peace, focusing my mind on the center core, and letting go of any negative thoughts that continue to perplex my brain. I'm trying not to cling to tightly to my spirituality either, though, because I think when I get too wrapped up in it, it becomes no better than negativity. Clinging is clinging, which will always lead to suffering, no way out of that one! hehe. 

Despite these hard times, I know in my heart that NOTHING is lacking at this moment. In the here and now, this present moment is a wonderful moment :)

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