Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Words for the Day :)

I've forgotten where I've come from
Why it's been done
Why i can't run
I remember what it feels like
In the real life
What a lime light
Can you hear all of the crickets
In the distance
Screaming wisdom
Face the facts this isn't heaven
But you're forgiven
So stop your sinning
Carry with you all your glories
Light your torches
With its furies
Listen for the echoes of the ancients
Through resilience
Hear their silence
Careful with footsteps where you've trodden
See the gardens
Follow pardons
Realize the magic of the moment
Past and future
Freedom from all life's miseries
Makes you dizzy
But it's pretty
There's always a path forward
Just look inward
Under skin's guard
Soak your soul in newfound treasures
They are measured
Through adventures
In a sea of concrete objects
Floating suspects
There's no justice
The journey starts within your new mind
Climb the high vines
And erase time
The life we live is not a race
Nothing to chase
It's all just space


  1. Thank you so very very kindly!! :) I took a look at your blog as well and you have some nice writing yourself :)